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Mammoth Lakes

Bear Scare

sunny 22 °C

I've been coming to Mammoth before i can remember; probably like 23 years or so. It's the superb ski destination in california with a bit of compitition from Tahoe. This trip is a little special to me because its the first time i've been to Mammoth in the summer.

We arrive in Mammoth right passed June Lake which is another killer destination, for skiing, camping, fishing, backpacking but a bit mellower, and we automatically do some stream fishing. i can't remember the name of the river right now but i know it was the upper part beacause the lower part...ahhhh got it upper owens river! we fish that with some sucess and then retire into town at a locals house for some horseshoes. These mountain boys thought they were good until they met us the beach boys. We play horse shoes religoulsly at the beach every sunday during summer so we not to bad. We gave them a spanking they won't 4get soon. I told then to practice and we'll give em a shot at the title next year haha.
I talk the boys out of the pub for once and into the hot springs! believe it or not i've never been to a hot springs. We hop in one and it was amazing. There are at least 7 free natural springs in mammoth alone and a great sight to see especially at night. the stars were out and it was magical.

These guys i was with also wanted to get a cheap motel for the night but i brought my tent and wanted to camp. luckily the motel was sold out and we got to camp! so we just headed off away from the hot
springs a bit and picked out a nice little spot in the middle of no where it felt like. There are defininetly bears in this territory because i've spotted them many times in previous winter trips. We have 3 guys all together and my good friends i and were going to sleep in the tent and his brother in the car. So first thing his brother does is throw all the food trash out of the van, so he's safe, and put it about 10' from our camp. We yell at him but he just turns over and starts snoring. haha. We don't worry to much about it until we start hearing heavy heavy footsteps. I'm talking about stick breaking footsteps. All we have in the tent is a couple flashlights and knifes and our shaky feet in our boots. The noise finally disperses. It comes back 2 more times but nothing serious until about 3a.m, I was snoozing dreaming about god know what probably pamela anderson when my buddy frantically wakes me..."Do you hear that!" he states." ya bro i hear it." It was the same noise we have been hearing just really close like it was almost scratching the tent. "do you hear it breathing" and mind you he's sitting up with the knife in his hand ready to go rambo on the black bear. "ya, i hear it i replied stating to get worried." I then get up and start shining the light everywhere outside the tent hoping to scare it. It soon left and we calmed down a bit and started to fall back alseep. In the next 10 minutes it started raining. Guess what, we had no rain cover for the tent! i took this tent to baja mexico 2 weeks previous and lost my rain flap for the tent so we were getting dumped on by this storm. our heads and feet were fine it was just our torso getting wet. What feels like an eternity from 3am-6am finally passes and we hop up 1st light and get the hell outta dodge. It was a stressful night with animals hopping all over and the rain to add to boot. We start driving out of the woods and we see local runners and residents chopping up downed trees for firewood when next thing you know we get a flat! So we crank up the music and play mechanics for a bit until we finish the job and we can finally eat breakfast. There are a ton of good places to eat up there but we chose to eat at Schatts a famous pastry shop. you have to try the bread here it epic. I like the cheese jalepeno bread yumm, good sandwiches too.

We next went fishing up at the twin lakes..Lake Mary and Lake george. It was a bit crowded with fisherman and hikers alike. We barely pulled up 4 fish between 5 of us. Not a very am of fishing. We then leave for home and stop by one more fishing hole along the way but no luck so we venture back home :( to ou casas!

If you stop by June which is a very small town you have to stop by the bar called the Tiger Bar..Very cheap drinks and friendly people. Hit me up if you need extra info on this area i know it very well. thanks for reading...

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Yosemite National Park

Day trip

25 °C

I've been camping at Yosemite 2 times previous but on this particular trip we just drove tioga pass to get to Mammoth Lakes via Lee Vining. Its a beautiful scenic curvy road going past many photo oppurtunities along the way. Half Dome is one of Yosemites treasures and you pass a great spot to take photos. From Bass Lake all the way through takes about 3 hours but it's the most beautiful 3 hours you could ask for. There's a small fee approximately $15 usd to enter the park and take a tour through.


There are a few day hikes when you get down into the valley. We did the easiest one which takes about 10 minutes literally called bridal vail falls. Since it's the easiest hike with a paved road it's very crowded but you do get to see a spectacular waterfall and the higher you climb the less crowded it is. We didn't spend much time in the valley for we were excited to get to Mammoth for some fishing! Almost at the end of the tioga pass road just out of Yosemite Park there's some good fishing as well as camping. It's right around SaddleBag Lake (i believe the name is.) It was July and still there was snow on the side of the road and in the mountains. There's a lake right off the road and right around that area is the turnoff for saddlebag which is a couple miles back. My friends fished this lake a month later on a trip to Tahoe we took and they said they killed it. As soon as there lines hit the water they were pulling up trout!!

We stop in the small town of Lee Vining and have lunch with some local friends. During this time you get great vistas of mono lake off on the distance. I forget the name of the food place but make a left after getting off the mountain and its a mile up on your left. Its a standard burger joint but very good after a lilttle trek.

On to Mammoth...

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Bass Lake, CA

Annual Reitz Trip

sunny 29 °C

When i was younger i used to go with my good friend Derek to Bass Lake every year with his family. Well i hadn't gone in about 5 years and we decided to make a little road trip out of it. Bass Lake is a fun small lake just outside of Yosemite National Park. It has the beautiful tall redwoods and sequoias just like Yosemite with a lake in the middle of it. There are cabins lined up around the lake that you can rent. it's a relatively small lake town with 2 or 3 eateries and one grocery store.

On the lake itself there's one really good rope swing that shoots you about 30' up in the air, its one of the best i've ever been on.


On the other side of the lake theres a run off from a river that provides a small natural water slide mostly for small children. its fun the 1st time but gets boring fast. The cool part about it is getting in the freezing river water and taking into the hot lake water. After feeling the low temp of the river water the lake water feels so hot! The lake is not the best for skiing beacuse there are a lot of boats kicking up wakes chopping up the water. But night boat rides are the best and a romantic fun time to cruize. you can even take the boast to dinner by docking it in the marina and walking up to the restauraunt.


There is some good hiking around as well. One trip that we did in previous years was the hike up devils falls. Its some great scenery and the falls are awesome! there's also a old cable car at the top that we daringly got in to cross the falls. It looks 80 years old and we didn't know if it would hold us or not but are youngness pulled through and we jumped on it haha.

Thats about all i have to say about Bass Lake. Usually alot of Aussie tourists and you can do some day trips to yosemite if you want to its about an hour west.

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